It is a great honour and privileged to be entrusted with Celebrating the Life of your special person who has died.

I had previously been to a very good friends funeral where I sat silently screaming to myself – thinking this is not doing justice for my friend – it did not show her beautiful spirit, her passion and creativity and made her funeral that much more difficult for us all.

I was left feeling strongly that there should be the option for everyone to have a very personal service created according to the specific wishes of the family that can incorporate any elements important to the person whose life is being marked and reflect the life and personality of this person for this last time.

Having had the personal experience of writing the funeral service for my neighbour Jose at the request of her family was such a humbling but inspiring time for me. Joses’s funeral with her beautiful families’ involvement was truly a Celebration of her Life, showcasing her talents, personality, humour and her love of her family and left everyone feeling uplifted and supported and better able to cope with the future.

This showed me that I was on the right track with a personalised funeral service that Celebrates their Life!

Families now are increasingly looking for an alternative that allows them to have a tailor-made service to say farewell to their loved one, one that truly reflects their life and can incorporate religious or spiritual elements as required without being a fully religious service. 

I will always do my very best to ensure that the funeral or memorial services that I create truly reflect the life of the loved one who has died, and give the family the opportunity to say goodbye in the way that they choose. The services I create are completely shaped around the individual who has died and what their family want for them – I feel really strongly that a service should be built around an individual rather than taking a formula off the shelf and squeezing them in to fit it.